This is a great place to watch shore birds! EXCEPT for the SIGNS!

On the northshore the only strip of Sand and gravel beach with access from State Highway 109 on Grays Harbor Bay is now Closed to the public. The beach is located on the map in the same location as the red and green dots. This beach was used by the children living along the North Shore. It is away from the nesting and major feeding areas located closer to Lundgren Pass, the city limits of Hoquiam, Paulson Road and the Airport road. Currently a few travelers stray out on to the gravel beach and a few dog walkers ignore the closed sign. Since there is little way to enforce the signage, the signs only anger the local citizens who supported the Sanctuary as a place to go to watch migratory birds.

The signs on the East and South shores are posted differently

Deer, Raccons,Halwks, Herrons, Finches, Starlings, Ducks, Geese, Sparrows, Robbins, Lesser Terns, Crows, Falcons all make use of these Alder and Willow thicketes.

This building used to house a Beer distributing company. Fish and Game made them move, currently this building houses Fish and Game and it's trucks. Most of the time you can find the trucks here.